Tomorrow - the projects

These are the projects that were generated following the screening of "Tomorrow - the movie". If you want to get involved with a project contact the Project Leader (their contact details are in the Project Summary document). If you have an idea for a project you'd like to run, have a read of this.

Propaganda Gardens - Carterton


To have visible produce in town spaces - for people to talk about, cultivate and pick.

Propaganda Gardens Carterton - Project Document


Knowledge Cafe


Hold an informal monthly cafe-style meeting to discuss matters of local importance.

Knowledge Cafe - Project Document

Cycling Infrastructure


Make it easier and safer for people to use bicycles - bike lanes, bike parks and driver education.

Bike Infrastructure - Project Document 

Widen the Discussion on Local Economy


Document responses to conversations for strengthening the local economy. 

Widen the Discussion on Local Economy - Project Document

Propaganda Gardens - Masterton


To have visible produce in town spaces - for people to talk about, cultivate and pick.

Propaganda Gardens Masterton - Project Document


Car Pooling


Increase the usage and uptake of Car Pooling in the Wairarapa.

Car Pooling - Project Document

Re-Generation Workshop Series


Establish five projects to learn essential skills inter-generationally.

Re-Generation Workshop Series - Project Document

Garden Tool Library


Allow people to share garden tools as required.

Garden Tool Library - Project Document

Social Media Project


Connect with youth through the channels they use.

Social Media Project - Project Document

Wairarapa Manifesto


Inform Wairarapa about alternatives to amalgamation.

Wairarapa Manifesto - Project Document

Green Waste


Separate out green waste so that it can be composted and recycled.

 Green Waste - Project Document

Regenerative Skills Inventory


Make us aware of the knowledge resources we have available in our community.

Regenerative Skills Inventory - Project Document

Show Up


A group of at least four people will attend South Wairarapa DC council meetings and debrief after.

Show Up - Project Document